Complex Wrinkle Field Evolution


We propose a new approach for representing wrinkles, designed to capture complex and detailed wrinkle behavior on coarse triangle meshes, called Complex Wrinkle Fields. Complex Wrinkle Fields consist of an almost-everywhere-unit complex-valued phase function over the surface; a frequency one-form; and an amplitude scalar, with a soft compatibility condition coupling the frequency and phase. We develop algorithms for interpolating between two such wrinkle fields, for visualizing them as displacements of a Loop-subdivided refinement of the base mesh, and for making smooth local edits to the wrinkle amplitude, frequency, and/or orientation. These algorithms make it possible, for the first time, to create and edit animations of wrinkles on triangle meshes that are smooth in space, evolve smoothly through time, include singularities along with their complex interactions, and that represent frequencies far finer than the surface resolution.

ACM Transactions on Graphics (Presentation in SIGGRAPH 2023)